Hypnosis for Weight Control

Keen to lose weight? Whether you binge, comfort eat or choose the wrong kinds of food, hypnotherapy can help to put you on the path to a slimmer, healthier, happier you.

I’m a weight-control expert who’s passionate about helping my clients lose weight healthily and easily, and am also the author of three best-selling books, Adore Yourself Slim, Your Pace or Mine? and Running Made Easy, which have received very favourable reviews from national magazines and newspapers.


Hypnotherapy isn’t a quick-fix and it can’t make weight loss effortless, but if you’re determined to succeed it can help you stay motivated and make the right diet choices without feeling deprived or hungry.

During your hypnotherapy sessions, the conscious and unconscious reasons for your weight issues will be thoroughly explored. You’ll be taught self-hypnosis and asked to perform it for between five and 20 minutes twice daily so that you can reinforce your commitment to your weight-loss goal. You’ll also be given powerful direct suggestions to steer you away from unhealthy, fattening foods and towards healthier, more nutritious options. Suggestions for taking regular enjoyable exercise will also help to speed up your weight loss.

I recommend a minimum of four sessions, but six to eight sessions for the best results.

If you’d like to find out more, or to enquire about booking a session, please contact me for a free, no-obligation, 20-minute phone consultation.

In a study reported in the Journal Of Clinical Psychology the hypnosis group lost an average of 1st 3lb (7.7kg) in six months, whereas the non-hypnosis group following the same programme lost only half a pound (0.2kg). In other words, the participants who used hypnosis while slimming lost an amazing 38 times more weight than those who didn’t use hypnosis.

In a review of 31 studies published in the International Journal Of Obesity, hypnotherapy was shown to be the only drug-free complementary therapy that was effective for reducing body weight.

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‘Hypnotherapy has helped me lose a stone’
Elaine Swaby overcame her sugar addiction and regained control of her weight with the support of hypnotherapist Lisa Jackson. ‘There was an instant rapport between Lisa and myself and, because she’s so approachable and trustworthy, I felt I could confide in her. When she started to hypnotise me, her soothing voice made me feel calm, relaxed and at ease. As soon as the session was over, I found myself in Tesco stocking up on healthy food, Lisa’s voice in my head reminding me that I could make healthy choices… The best thing I got from having hypnotherapy was the ability to be totally in control of my chocolate addiction. It’s three months on and I’ve never felt better – I’ve lost a stone after having the therapy and I even managed to avoid the dreaded three o’clock sweet cravings!’

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Sick of diets and gruelling gym workouts? Well, there are other, less painful ways to lose weight, as Jini Reddy discovers…
God, I love the sound of this. Strictly speaking Adore Yourself Slim is a book, by author Lisa Jackson. But really, it’s a clarion call to love yourself as you are now – big as you may be. For as your self-esteem rises, and you banish negative, self-defeating thoughts, so too will the pounds drop. ‘It’s about seeing the weight-loss journey as a fun-filled adventure rather than something that has to be endured,’ she says. Although the techniques she advocates include nutritional advice, workouts and hypnotherapy – there’s even a CD you can listen to – the emphasis is on encouraging you to eat and structure your time in such a way that it’s easier to make the right choices, day in and day out. Jackson also looks at the emotional reasons women gain weight. ‘It’s far better to adore yourself slim than to try and use shame and self-loathing to achieve your weight-loss goals,’ she says.

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What if the answer to a slimmer body isn’t on your plate after all? Beth Gibbons talks to the experts who are daring to blow the diet industry wide open
‘So much of weight gain is not even about food,’ says clinical hypnotherapist Lisa Jackson. ‘Most diets promote an unhealthy obsession with food. They’re about restricting yourself, setting yourself up for failure and beating yourself up when you do fail. I teach people to analyse the true reasons they eat too much and encourage them to build a healthier relationship with food which is sustainable. I’ve never met a client whose weight issues were solely attributable to a love of chips or cake. In every case, there has always been an issue from the past (being bullied, parents showing love with food) or the present (using weight as a barrier to change, not feeling worthy enough to eat healthily) that has contributed to their being overweight.’

‘Lisa offered me constructive and practical tools, and encouragement, and became a mentor as much as a therapist. I have now lost 3.5st and a total of 26in, and the weight is still coming off. I know my battle with my weight is finally over, and I will continue enjoying a healthy relationship with food, and a healthier lifestyle. My lounge now looks like a gym. I am becoming a different person, a happier person, and Lisa helped me achieve this.’ SL, Ruislip

‘I turned 49 last year weighing 20st and I decided I didn’t want to be fat at 50, so thought I’d give hypnotherapy a try. After only three sessions I started to eat healthily and began exercising. I even stopped drinking Diet Coke, which I’d lived on for nearly 30 years. I have now lost 5st and am fitter than I’ve ever been, having recently completed three triathlons. I can’t thank Lisa enough for giving me a new lease of life.’ PI, Wallington

‘I found the hypnotherapy sessions and techniques Lisa gave me very helpful in accomplishing my goals with regards to weight loss, improving my self-confidence and coping with stress. I was able to lose weight (about 15kg), increase my fitness levels and also adapt better to a new and very stressful role at work. I love the open, honest approach Lisa used – she was able to sympathise but also challenge me during our sessions.’ CN, Sutton

‘Lisa is a kind and caring practitioner. She is realistic and helps you set achievable goals. I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and felt so much happier and in control afterwards. I am very grateful for her expertise.’ AL, Godalming

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