‘Lisa has been instrumental in my journey of coping with anxiety and over-thinking. Her positive attitude, wealth of professional knowledge and understanding put me at ease right away, and before I knew it, I felt like I was working with an old friend. I have learnt techniques that will be with me for a lifetime and for that, I am grateful. I look forward to continuing my journey, with some help and support from Lisa on the way! Highly recommended.’ MH, Crystal Palace

‘I’ve had a weight problem since I was 18. I turned 49 last year weighing 20st and I decided I didn’t want to be fat at 50 so thought I’d give hypnotherapy a try. Lisa took a complete assessment of my eating and lifestyle, she put me at ease and never made me feel bad for my past excesses. After only three sessions I started to eat healthily and began exercising. I even stopped drinking Diet Coke, which I had lived on for nearly 30 years. I have now lost 5st and am fitter than I’ve ever been, having recently completed three triathlons. I can’t thank Lisa enough for giving me a new lease of life.’ PI, Wallington

‘I have had problems with public speaking from my early teens and over the years it has got worse to the point of being chronic. I tried different methods of solving my problem, but never made any real progress until I came across an advert online for hypnosis with Lisa Jackson. While working with Lisa for just three sessions I was taught techniques that enabled me to make progress I’ve never accomplished before. I would highly recommend Lisa’s hypnotherapy services to anyone with similar problems.’ GP, London

‘I’m writing to let you know that the hypnosis for helping me sleep better has been a huge success. I’m now sleeping a lot better, no longer have to get up to go to the loo a million times a night and most of all my partner and I can now sleep in the same bed as his snoring no longer bothers me. Needless to say I no longer need our final session as everything is going so well! I can’t thank you enough for your help, you’ve been absolutely amazing. Now all I need is for my baby to start sleeping through the night and things will be perfect! Thanks again Lisa for all your help, I’m really grateful to you.’ VK, Beckenham

‘I want to share this specifically with any first-time mums who like me have been petrified of labour. My fear was due to multiple reasons, mainly my experiences as a junior doctor attending births that were all screams and panic, hearing traumatic birth stories and due to my own very low threshold for pain… Being a psychiatrist I have used deep relaxation techniques to very good effect in many anxiety disorders so I knew it is physiologically impossible to be relaxed and tense at the same time.
‘I was so lucky to find Lisa Jackson and we enrolled in her classes just 5 weeks before my due date. I have no doubt that Lisa was the main lever in making me into a believer and convincing me to give this my best. The classes were intensive and at the end of the course I knew I’d met one of the most passionate people I will ever meet. I was also very fortunate that my husband (also a psychiatrist and psychotherapist) was completely on board with it. All in all the birth was an amazing experience. Never in my wildest dreams had I imagined I would labour without any pain relief – not even gas and air! I am so glad I came across HypnoBirthing and was finally able to overcome my fear of birth.’ PS, Sydenham

‘Just a quick note to thank you for all your help over the past few weeks. I was completely relaxed throughout the day and felt calm and confident. The speech went really well as a result.’ TL, Hayward’s Heath

‘I bit the skin around my nails and I wanted to stop. I went to the first session and Lisa was great on all fronts. A nice welcoming lady… I believed she actually cared about me personally and could seriously help me! I did all the things she suggested in the sessions and afterwards and to my shock it was working. I knew I wanted it to (and gosh you really have to want it to!) but I didn’t know the leaps and bounds I would take… I no longer have my bad habit, and she’s also got rid of a couple extra along the way. Some of the life skills and “tips and tricks” she’s taught me have helped me already in many other situations. By the end of my third session not only had I become a believer in the science of hypnotherapy but enjoyed the trips to visit Lisa. I haven’t looked back since and, if I ever falter, I’d be more than happy to re-visit Lisa!’ IR, London

‘Thank you once again. I really can’t tell you how much I appreciate all that you have done for me, and the tools that you have equipped me with to cope with my fear of flying and which I intend to use more widely to improve my ability to deal with the obstacles I face generally day to day.’ AS, Coulsdon

‘I found the hypnotherapy sessions and techniques Lisa gave me very helpful in accomplishing my goals with regards to weight loss, improving my self-confidence and coping with stress. I was able to lose weight (about 15kg), increase my fitness levels and also adapt better to a new and very stressful role at work. I love the open, honest approach Lisa used – she was able to sympathise but also challenge me during our sessions.’ CN, Sutton

‘The newest member of the family arrived on Saturday morning. It was the most amazing birth and I was so thankful for my HypnoBirthing experience as it really helped me so much. After my waters broke I was quickly aware that the midwives were unlikely to get there in time! I really felt like I breathed the baby out this time as I was trying to wait for the midwives but there was no stopping him. My husband caught our baby and the midwives arrived about 10 minutes later. It truly was a pain-free birth, which is why I think I didn’t realise how quickly I was progressing. It’s been so healing to have such a wonderful birth despite the lockdown. And it was such a lovely bonus for it to be just us in the end, it was an amazing experience for my husband to be the one to catch our son.’ KS, Maine, US

‘I wanted to drop you a quick line about my continued success following my hypnotherapy sessions with you in January. Aside from my problem with heights/voids/bridges I have (had) a fear of putting my head in the water and couldn’t even manage a length of front crawl… I recently went for scuba lessons and had one really horrendous day: trying to take a regulator out underwater and not panic is hard work, so I ended up a nervous wreck. However, I engaged all the skills you gave me and positive thoughts… The next day I did my scuba diver qualification with my confident head on, and after that I just got better and better. It was all a bit emotional and quite life changing for me… It has also helped my swimming: front crawl is no problem now and, as for swimming underwater, you’d think I was a natural. I’m sure that the hypnotherapy I had for my vertigo helped… Learning to dive was truly an amazing experience – thank you for helping to make it possible and to allow a 47-year-old to keep pushing her boundaries. This year I have realised that so many of my friends are becoming more and more nervous of doing things – and I certainly don’t want that to happen to me. This year diving, perhaps next year paragliding!’ AP, France

‘We had a special start to the year 2010 with the birth of our son Guillaume on the 1st of January. Guillaume’s arrival was a memorable experience and we believe that this is in a large part due to you. The birth was calm and controlled without any requirement for pain relief and all this made it one of the most beautiful moments of our life. We shall pass our experience of HypnoBirthing on to other future parents and hope that you will be able to pass your knowledge over to many others.’ Laetitia and Hugo, parents to Guillaume, West Wickham

‘Lisa offered me constructive and practical tools and encouragement and became a mentor as much as a therapist. I have now lost 3.5st and a total of 26in and the weight is still coming off. I know my battle with my weight is finally over and I will continue enjoying a healthy relationship with food and a healthier lifestyle which has literally changed my life. My lounge now looks like a gym. I am becoming a different person, a happier person, and Lisa helped me achieve this.’ SL, Ruislip

‘After five attempts at passing my driving test I decided to try hypnotherapy. During the sessions I began to realise that my problem wasn’t the driving itself but my lack of calmness and concentration. By practising self-hypnosis I was able to start feeling more focused and when I took the test again, I passed! I now feel very confident on the road and recommend hypnotherapy to all my friends.’ DJ, Croydon

‘Guess what? I was the first one called up for the speech. Anyway a five-minute speech and no shaking, stuttering or anything like that – amazing! I was really clear and loud enough and strangely not too nervous. I even got a couple of laughs from my jokes! Of course I did prepare by doing breathing exercises all day, walking round the block and visualising so thank you so much for all the help you have given me as I did feel calm and prepared for the evening.’ KdH, London

‘I have been suffering a lot less with my headaches and neck. I have been slightly lazy and haven’t been keeping up with the self-hypnosis recently and the headaches started to come back. But, after finding some time to focus on it again I have seen a considerable improvement. It really is amazing and I would strongly recommend it to anyone else!’ SP, West Wickham

‘Suspension bridges no longer hold any fear for me. I lost count of the number I crossed and by the time we got to the highest one I was pretty much in control. On the way down I was positively enjoying them and even managed to stop midway across on one and take pictures. My visit to you put me in the right frame of mind and all the techniques paid off: not only did I conquer the bridges, but I walked on paths that previously I would’ve been terrified on and didn’t bat an eyelid. So I can’t thank you enough.’ BC, London

‘I got so much out of my sessions with Lisa. Following a difficult time, they helped me to deal with feelings of anxiety early in my pregnancy. The techniques Lisa taught me helped me to cope with difficult situations myself and I continue to use them months later to relax and improve my general wellbeing and, as a result, my unborn baby’s too. I came away from each session feeling peaceful and relaxed. Lisa has a lovely manner and a really special personal touch. I would highly recommend her hypnotherapy sessions.’ IG, Balham

‘Having had hypnotherapy for my fear of flying, I was a totally different person at the airport – it’s the first time I noticed the duty-free area and I even stopped to buy something! I was calm and even tried to help someone who was nervous as we boarded the plane. I managed to read a book on the way out and busied myself on the way back looking at all the various routes that BA flies to. So all in all, a great success.’ MB, Croydon

‘Just over a week on from our wedding and I wanted to catch up to say what a wonderful time we had! The buzz throughout the day was amazing and this, along with the preparation we had done beforehand, ensured my speech went really well. It was an amazing feeling to read out my speech in front of everybody and to find that I actually ended up enjoying making it. Thank you so much for all your help and supportive words in the build-up, it really did help and meant I could relax during the day.’ CP, Croydon


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