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Imagine sitting down for a therapy session and standing up just two hours later as a non-smoker. With my unique Stop Smoking Today programme, one 120-minute hypnotherapy session is all it takes for you to break free from a habit that can ruin your health and radically shorten your life.

As a former 60-a-day smoker myself, I know first-hand the challenges you’ll be facing – but also how wonderful it feels to finally have broken free from smoking. And as the author of Quit For Ever! Stop Smoking and Vaping the Super-quick, Easy and Fun Way I’m an expert on helping smokers and vapers quit.

My programme tackles smoking on both a conscious and unconscious level. After a detailed analysis of why you smoke and when, we’ll select alternative coping strategies you can use at all the different times when you used to smoke. You’ll also learn a calming breathing technique.

Next, you’ll have a 30-minute hypnotherapy session that will reprogramme your unconscious mind to ensure you no longer have any desire to smoke.

I’ve had remarkable results helping smokers quit, and in order to keep my success rate as high as it is, I only accept smokers who really want to stop smoking themselves – not because concerned relatives or friends have suggested they do so. If you feel you’re definitely ready to stop smoking, I look forward to helping you achieve your goal.

In the unlikely event of a single session not being sufficient to help you quit permanently, I offer as many free follow-up sessions as you need within one month of your initial treatment session.

The two-hour session costs £250 and is super-convenient as it’s held via SKYPE.

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An article published in New Scientist magazine, reported that ‘hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking, according to the largest-ever scientific comparison of ways of breaking the habit.’ Hypnosis was shown to be five times more effective than willpower alone in helping smokers quit.

In a study published in the journal Addictive Behaviors, those who were given a single session of hypnotherapy smoked significantly fewer cigarettes and were significantly more abstinent than a placebo control group and a no-treatment control group, both immediately after the test and at the four-week, 12-week, 24-week and 48-week follow-up sessions the researchers conducted.

‘I’m amazed at the ease with which Lisa’s Stop Smoking Today session has completely removed my urge to smoke. Although I was not a heavy smoker, I had tried and tried to quit but always lapsed in the pub, or when things got a bit stressful at work. I still get the odd urge but it soon passes as I immediately tell myself all the reasons I’m thrilled I no longer smoke – health benefits, no longer stinking of smoke, saving money, no longer needing to rely on a drug in that way, and having a positive influence on other family members and friends who’re struggling to kick the habit.’ Gary Hartfield

‘I found the session with Lisa very relaxing – in fact, it seemed like I went to see a friend! Afterwards it felt as if a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. The Serene Breathing technique was particularly useful as it helped me to focus on something else and at the same time forget about the urge to smoke, and I also made sure I implemented the Alternative Strategies we’d agreed on at times when I’d previously smoked throughout the day. I’ve now been a non-smoker for four years and love everything about it: I’m healthier, I smell better, I do more sporting activities and spend more time outdoors and I have more money. My friends and family were all taken aback that I managed to quit and kept saying, “How did you do that?” but I wasn’t actually all that surprised that I quit successfully as deep down I knew it would work.’ Mariola Ciak

 ‘The Stop Smoking Today session I had with Lisa was, quite frankly, fantastic. I’d been smoking a pack of 20 a day for 30 years and hated spending over £3,000 a year on such a horrible habit. I was also hoping to become a grandmother and wanted to see my grandkids grow up. I’d never been hypnotised before and during the hypnosis session I didn’t feel I’d gone under – I just felt very relaxed. On the drive home I actually thought “This hasn’t worked” as I didn’t know what I’d taken in. However, I must have taken in everything, as I haven’t had a cigarette in over two years!’ Christine Hartland

Zest magazine

THE THERAPY Hypnotherapy

THE GUINEA PIG Tabitha McDonald, 29. She’s been smoking for 15 years and gets through 10 to 20 cigarettes a day.

WHAT DID IT INVOLVE? ‘The session started with a 45-minute chat about what to expect and why I wanted to stop smoking. I explained that I wanted to quit for health reasons and that my main trigger is boredom – cigarette breaks punctuate my day and I consider my mid-morning and mid-afternoon cigarettes rewards for hard work. I also socialise with smokers a lot, which doesn’t help. The hypnotherapist, Lisa Jackson, explained that hypnosis works by implanting suggestions into your unconscious mind that you no longer want to smoke. The session started as I expected, with Lisa telling me I was feeling deeply relaxed. I went into a trance and the next thing I recall is being counted out of my hypnotised state – quite spooky!’

DID IT WORK? ‘Much to my surprise, it really did! Despite going on a group holiday with six smokers, I’ve managed not to smoke for a month. I did feel a little grouchy for the first few days, and I’m fidgeting a lot, but I find that every time I think of having a cigarette, an image of a sad, old, wrinkly smoker pops into my mind – which must be down to the hypnosis!’

Spirit And Destiny

‘I finally quit smoking with hypnotherapy’

Naomi Fernandes, 30, a full-time mum from Whyteleafe in Surrey, has had no cravings for cigarettes since she had one session of hypnotherapy last year

‘The session with clinical hypnotherapist Lisa Jackson lasted two hours. The first 90 minutes were spent talking about what I got out of smoking and why I wanted to quit. We also agreed on alternative strategies I could use if I was tempted to smoke. Then for the last half hour, I was hypnotised. Lisa told me that when I woke up I would have no desire to smoke… I can honestly say that since that day I haven’t had a single craving. It just didn’t cross my mind – it was like turning back the clock and being a non-smoker again. I didn’t even find myself snacking more because it wasn’t a case of fighting cravings – they just weren’t there. I can’t imagine ever smoking again.’

Croydon Advertiser

‘… Lisa’s approach complements a single hypnotherapy session with an in-depth interview, a breathing technique and mental distractions. She said: ‘I try to give clients practical strategies to handle situations they usually associate with smoking. For example, calling a friend or indulging in a fun pastime – whatever the individual prefers’… Lisa makes it sound easy, but she used to smoke herself and knows it’s anything but… ‘I know exactly how the smoker’s mind works and I know it’s possible to recondition yourself so you don’t [want to smoke],’ she said.

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