In today’s rushed and hectic world, you may have difficulty finding the time to relax and when you do, it may be hard to switch off and unwind. Hypnotherapy offers a variety of relaxation tools, such as self-hypnosis and breathing techniques, to help you become calm and centred, or feel instantly relaxed in times of stress. Improved sleep is also a common benefit of practising self-hypnosis regularly.

If you feel that your world has been turned upside down during the coronavirus crisis, you are not alone: everyone around the world is currently experiencing increased anxiety and fears about the future.

I have been working in the anxiety field for over 14 years and offer my clients strategies to help them navigate these stressful and uncertain times, including:

– having an empathetic, caring person to talk to about your concerns
– learning self-hypnosis as a way to switch off the ‘fight or flight’ response
– calming breathing techniques
– how to combat catastrophic thinking
– how an immunity-boosing diet and exercise can make a big difference

Many of my clients tell me they’ve never felt as profoundly relaxed as when they’ve been hypnotised – and the benefits last long after the session is over.

‘Lisa has been instrumental in my journey of coping with anxiety and over-thinking. Her positive attitude, wealth of professional knowledge and understanding put me at ease right away, and before I knew it, I felt like I was working with an old friend. I have learnt techniques that will be with me for a lifetime and for that, I am grateful. I look forward to continuing my journey, with some help and support from Lisa on the way! Highly recommended.’ MH, Crystal Palace

‘I found the hypnotherapy sessions and techniques Lisa gave me very helpful in accomplishing my goals with regards to weight loss, improving my self-confidence and coping with stress. I was able to lose about 15kg, increase my fitness levels and also adapt better to a new and very stressful role at work. I love the open, honest approach Lisa used – she was able to sympathise but also challenge me during our sessions.’ CN, Sutton

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