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Here are some more articles featuring my two best-selling books, Adore Yourself Slim and Running Made Easy.

Women’s Fitness


Adore Yourself Slim, Lisa Jackson
For those who have tried every diet under the sun without success, hypnotherapy may seem like an attractive option. But what’s inspiring about this hypnotherapy-based book, and that sets it apart from bog-standard diet reads, is that it’s not just about improving the way you look. Rather it’s about getting to the root of why you’re not losing weight, while boosting your happiness at the same time.
Health journalist and clinical hypnotherapist Lisa brings together powerful hypnotherapy techniques with nutritional advice and exercise programmes. Inside, there’s everything you need to get you on the track to safe weight loss, including real-life success stories, motivational quotes and super-cute illustrations. There’s even a great recipe section with tasty-looking dishes and easy-to-follow recipes, step-by-step illustrated exercises and a hypnosis CD. What more could you ask for?



Does your flying phobia stop you getting on a plane? Do spiders make you cry? Try one of these alternative cures…

‘A technique called hypno-desensitisation is used,’ says hypnotherapist Lisa Jackson. ‘The client visualises the aspect of their phobia that evokes the least anxiety (such as seeing a photo of a spider). When they can do this and feel calm, another, slightly scarier scenario is visualised. It’s increased until they can imagine their fear anxiety-free.’



Adore Yourself Slim
If you want to lose weight, perhaps health journalist and clinical hypnotherapist Lisa can help. This guide comes with a hypnosis CD, and is packed with motivational tips, success stories and nutrition and exercise advice. It also tries to get to the bottom of why we struggle to lose those pesky extra pounds. Sound advice, and a pretty book, too!

Natural Health


Sick of diets and gruelling gym workouts? Well, there are other, less painful ways to lose weight, as Jini Reddy discovers…

Adore Yourself Slim
God, I love the sound of this. Strictly speaking Adore Yourself Slim is a book, by author Lisa Jackson. But really, it’s a clarion call to love yourself as you are now – big as you may be. For as your self-esteem rises, and you banish negative, self-defeating thoughts, so too will the pounds drop. It worked for Jackson, who lost 22kg: ‘It’s about seeing the weight-loss journey as a fun-filled adventure rather than something that has to be endured,’ she says. Although the techniques she advocates include nutritional advice, workouts and hypnotherapy – there’s even a CD you can listen to – the emphasis is on encouraging you to eat and structure your time in such a way that it’s easier to make the right choices, day in and day out. Jackson also looks at the emotional reasons women gain weight. ‘It’s far better to adore yourself slim than to try and use shame and self-loathing to achieve your weight-loss goals,’ she says.


Women’s Running


Rhalou Allerhand enters a trance-like state of altered consciousness to ease her running fears
‘I called upon the services of the inimitable Lisa Jackson, a clinical hypnotherapist who happens to be a keen ultra runner, too! I visited Lisa in her Croydon clinic and within half an hour felt a renewed lust for the sport before she’d even hypnotised me… I was sceptical to begin with, but after my first session with Lisa, I promptly laced up my trainers, dashed out the door and ran all the way to work (12.5 miles no less)… By session two, I felt ready to conquer the world, so come race day, I’ll surely be ready to take on 26.2 miles.’

Harper’s Bazaar


What is it about running? We love the idea of it – the appeal of being outside and able to exercise wherever and whenever we like. So why are we so reluctant to pull on our running shoes? `It’s because we’re naturally wired to avoid anything that uses energy,’ says Lisa Jackson, a hypnotherapist specialising in working with athletes. `We have to learn to trick our minds into getting on with it.’

BREAK YOUR RUN INTO CHUNKS Stop halfway to stretch, or try Jackson’s trick of mentally halving the distance: ‘More than 30 minutes is long for everyone, so tell yourself it’s a 15-minute run, then turn around and come home – of course, it’s another 15 minutes back, but it works every time.’

IGNORE THE ‘TOXIC 10’ ‘It’s so common for the first 10 minutes of your run to hurt, the professionals even gave it a name. Take no notice and run through it.’

Top Sante


What if the answer to a slimmer body isn’t on your plate after all? Beth Gibbons talks to the experts who are daring to blow the diet industry wide open
‘So much of weight gain is not even about food,’ says clinical hypnotherapist Lisa Jackson. ‘Most diets promote an unhealthy obsession with food. They’re about restricting yourself, setting yourself up for failure and beating yourself up when you do fail. My book teaches people to analyse the true reasons they eat too much. It encourages you to build a healthier relationship with food which is sustainable. I’ve never met a client whose weight issues were solely attributable to a love of chips or cake. In every case, there has always been an issue from the past (being bullied, parents showing love with food) or the present (using weight as a barrier to change, not feeling worthy enough to eat healthily) that has contributed to their being overweight.’

Women’s Fitness


Drink smart
Alternate your alcoholic drinks with water to ease the blow to your waistline (and head!) ‘Double ordering is the way to go,’ says weight-loss expert Lisa Jackson, author of Adore Yourself Slim. ‘Every time you order a drink, ask for a pint of water and vow that you won’t go back to the bar till you’ve finished both.’

Slimming World

… ‘I’d suggest you try something called the talk test to check your pace,’ says Lisa Jackson, co-author of Running Made Easy. ‘If you can still talk fairly comfortably while you’re running, you’re going at the right speed for a beginner. If you’re gasping for breath and unable to get any words out at all, you’re going too fast and need to slow down.’

‘I really believe in giving myself regular treats for completing runs or reaching goals,’ says Lisa Jackson. ‘They make you feel great and help you build lots of positive associations with running. One of my favourites is to have a shower with my Body Shop Pink Grapefruit body scrub – the scent has become like the smell of success to me, and I really love using it after a run.’

Boots Health & Beauty


Update your regime
We all know we should change our skincare routine for autumn, but it’s not always easy to summon up the confidence to do without old faithfuls. Take the first step with this exercise from clinical hypnotherapist Lisa Jackson. ‘Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Once you’re feeling relaxed, list all the parts of your body you love and why,’ she says. ‘Celebrating yourself like this will help build self-confidence.’ Then you’ll be ready to revamp your skincare!

Spirit & Destiny

‘I lost 3.5 stone with hypnotherapy’


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