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Harper’s Bazaar


Power of the mind
‘Take a mental Polaroid of your body at its best on that sunlounger, recording how good you look, what you can smell and hear,’ says Adore Yourself Slim author Lisa Jackson. ‘Every night, relax deeply by breathing in for four counts and out for eight, for two minutes. Hold that image in your head and run through what is stopping you keeping that body (choosing a drink over the gym). Mentally rehearsing this imprints the right choices in your mind.’



Adore Yourself Slim by Lisa Jackson (£12.99, Simon & Schuster) A rounded programme of hypnotherapy, nutrition and exercise designed to get you into your swimsuit without the usual agonies that go with shedding the post-Christmas pounds.

Sainsbury’s Magazine


Losing weight is about more than simply what you put in your mouth, which is why I love Lisa Jackson’s new book Adore Yourself Slim. It combines a diet plan, hypnotherapy and exercise in a triple-pronged attack.

The Sun


Are you drowning in motivational books? Are you too indecisive to decide which decide-to-change-your-life title to buy? Fear not – The Sun is here to help. Whether your New Year’s resolution is to lose weight, find a partner or rule the world, there is no shortage of books that claim they can help you achieve it. But if you are too lazy to read pages of motivational mumbo jumbo, Lee Price has condensed nine of the best titles for you.
Adore Yourself Slim – Lisa Jackson
Before you diet, feel good about yourself. List ten things you love about you and add ten that others like about you. Keep the lists for a ‘what’s the point?’ day.

Spirit And Destiny


‘I finally quit smoking with hypnotherapy’

Naomi Fernandes, 30, a full-time mum from Whyteleafe in Surrey, has had no cravings for cigarettes since she had one session of hypnotherapy last year
‘The session with clinical hypnotherapist Lisa Jackson lasted two hours. The first 90 minutes were spent talking about what I got out of smoking and why I wanted to quit. We also agreed on alternative strategies I could use if I was tempted to smoke. Then for the last half hour, I was hypnotised. Lisa told me that when I woke up I would have no desire to smoke… I can honestly say that since that day I haven’t had a single craving. It just didn’t cross my mind – it was like turning back the clock and being a non-smoker again. I didn’t even find myself snacking more because it wasn’t a case of fighting cravings – they just weren’t there. I can’t imagine ever smoking again.’

Health & Fitness


‘Hypnotherapy has helped me lose a stone’

Elaine Swaby overcame her sugar addiction and regained control of her weight with the support of hypnotherapist Lisa Jackson
‘There was an instant rapport between Lisa and myself and, because she’s so approachable and trustworthy, I felt I could confide in her. When she started to hypnotise me, her soothing voice made me feel calm, relaxed and at ease. As soon as the session was over, I found myself in Tesco stocking up on healthy food, Lisa’s voice in my head reminding me that I could make healthy choices… The best thing I got from having hypnotherapy was the ability to be totally in control of my chocolate addiction. It’s three months on and I’ve never felt better – I’ve lost a stone after having the therapy and I even managed to avoid the dreaded three o’clock sweet cravings!’

Cleo Magazine (Australia)


‘I was working at a newspaper when a book landed on my desk for review: Running Made Easy by Susie Whalley and Lisa Jackson. The book breaks running down into manageable, bite-size goals. You start out running for 60 seconds at a time, which anyone can manage, and before you know it, you’re comfortably doing 5km. I’m asthmatic, and had never run for the bus, let alone a marathon, but I’ve since competed in 5km and 10km races and two half marathons and I’m currently training for a full marathon. Running has changed my life! I’ve lost weight and toned up, but more importantly, it’s improved the way I feel. I’m hooked on the feeling of being fit and strong. I still dip into the book whenever I need a motivation boost and I’ve bought copies for most of my friends.’

THE THERAPY Hypnotherapy

THE GUINEA PIG Tabitha McDonald, 29. She’s been smoking for 15 years and gets through ten to 20 cigarettes a day.

WHAT DID IT INVOLVE? ‘The session started with a 90-minute chat about what to expect and why I wanted to stop smoking. I explained that I wanted to quit for health reasons and that my main trigger is boredom – cigarette breaks punctuate my day and I consider my mid-morning and mid-afternoon cigarettes rewards for hard work. I also socialise with smokers a lot, which doesn’t help. The hypnotherapist, Lisa Jackson, explained that hypnosis works by implanting suggestions into your unconscious mind that you no longer want to smoke.

DID IT WORK? ‘Much to my surprise, it really did! Despite going on a group holiday with six smokers, I’ve managed not to smoke for a month. I did feel a little grouchy for the first few days, and I’m fidgeting a lot, but find that every time I think of having a cigarette, an image of a sad, old, wrinkly smoker pops into my mind – which must be down to the hypnosis!’

dental phobia

‘I’ve been terrified of going to the dentist since I was a child, when a nurse held me down while I was having a filling,’ says Tamsin Larcombe, 27. ‘As an adult, I avoided going for years and eventually found one who offered intravenous sedation. But being heavily sedated to have a filling seemed ridiculous, so I decided to go for hypnotherapy. In the session, the therapist and I made a list of what I feared about it, starting from the least scary situation and working up to the worst. She then put me in a trance, described each situation to me and asked me to imagine myself feeling calm. When I was able to visualise the scenario without feeling fearful, we moved on to the next. I went to the dentist a week later and it was amazing. I had a filling with no sedation and I was finally able to control the fear.’

Daily Mail


Want to lose weight? The secret is to think you’re beautiful just the way you are right now. By Louise Atkinson
There’s nothing like the first week of the new year to start a diet and exercise regime, but if your motivation is disgust at the size of your waistband, you could be setting yourself up to fail. Successful slimming, according to Lisa Jackson, is all about banishing negativity and concentrating on loving everything you possibly can about yourself – even the Christmas excess. In her new book, Adore Yourself Slim, she sets out a sensible eating and exercise plan packed with clever tips to ensure weight loss is steady and effective. But the real twist that makes her plan promise to work where so many others fail, is her emphasis on getting yourself in the right frame of mind before you start.
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The Independent

Enjoyment and variety are key to exercising, says multiple marathon runner and former fitness-phobe Lisa Jackson

Slimming World

Running Made Easy by Lisa Jackson and Susie Whalley is packed with encouragement for aspiring runners, including a tried-and-tested training programme to guide you gently from your first steps to your first marathon!

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