Performance Anxiety

Anxious when you have to give a presentation or speech, terrified of having to pass an exam or test (see passing driving tests), or nervous about competing in a sporting event (see sports performance)?

Thoughts of not being good enough, of failing, or of doing something embarrassing or wrong, all come into play when you’re suffering from performance anxiety.

Hypnotherapy is very effective at combating this. It uses direct suggestions for calmness and control, as well as hypnotic rehearsal to help direct your attention away from your anxious feelings and instead focus completely on what you’re doing or saying. With hypnosis, the fear of negative evaluation need never hold you back again.

In an article published in The Times consultant well-being psychologist Dr Nick Baylis says that ‘self-hypnosis can build confidence for public speaking and presentations.’

‘Just a quick note to thank you for all your help over the past few weeks. I was completely relaxed throughout the day and felt calm and confident. The speech went really well as a result.’ TL, Hayward’s Heath

‘Guess what? I was the first one called up for the speech. Anyway, a five-minute speech and no shaking, stuttering or anything like that – amazing! I was really clear and loud enough and strangely not too nervous. I even got a couple of laughs from my jokes! Of course I did prepare by doing breathing exercises all day, walking round the block and visualising, so thank you so much for all the help you’ve given me as I did feel calm and prepared for the evening.’ KdH, London

‘I have had problems with public speaking from my early teens and over the years it has got worse to the point of being chronic. I tried different methods of solving my problem, but never made any real progress until I came across an advert online for hypnosis with Lisa Jackson. While working with Lisa for just three sessions I was taught techniques that enabled me to make progress I’ve never accomplished before. I would highly recommend Lisa’s hypnotherapy services to anyone with similar problems.’ GP, London

‘Just over a week on from our wedding and I wanted to catch up to say what a wonderful time we had! The buzz throughout the day was amazing and this, along with the preparation we had done beforehand, ensured my speech went really well. It was an amazing feeling to read out my speech in front of everybody and to find that I actually ended up enjoying making it. Thank you so much for all your help and supportive words in the build-up, it really did help and meant I could relax during the day.’ CP, Croydon

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