Hypnosis for Nail Biting

Embarrassed by your unsightly nails? Nail biting is simply the continuation of a childhood habit (thumb-sucking) that brings us comfort when we feel stressed, and responds particularly well to hypnotherapy. Picking at, or biting, the skin around the edges of your nails is a habit that hypnotherapy can also successfully combat.

Three sessions are usually all that’s required to put you on track to having hands you’ll want to show off, not hide.


‘I actually had to cut my nails last week for the first time in my life as they were getting too long! I can’t thank you enough for helping me in this journey and unlocking whatever it was in my brain that I was not able to do myself for 25 years! Your calmness, kindness and support really made the whole process of stopping nail-biting feel like a walk in the park, and it was such a pleasure working with you.’ LR, Croydon

‘After 36 years of nail biting, I finally decided to stop, so as not to pass this habit on to my son. After seeing Lisa, I’ve not bitten my nails since, and it’s been over 16 months.’ GM, Crystal Palace

‘I bit the skin around my nails and I wanted to stop. I went to the first session, and Lisa was great on all fronts. A nice welcoming lady… I believed she actually cared about me personally and could seriously help me! I did all the things she suggested in the sessions and afterwards and, to my amazement, it was working. I knew I wanted it to (and gosh you really have to want it to!), but I didn’t know the leaps and bounds I would take… I no longer have my bad habit, and she’s also got rid of a couple extra along the way. Some of the life skills and “tips and tricks” she’s taught me have helped me already in many other situations. By the end of my third session not only had I become a believer in hypnotherapy but I’d also enjoyed the trips to visit Lisa. I haven’t looked back since, and, if I ever falter, I’d be more than happy to re-visit Lisa!’ IR, London

‘I meant to get back in touch earlier to say thanks so much for your amazing assistance in my quest to quit biting my nails. I saw instant success after our second session and have been (mostly) sporting a set of fine-looking fingernails. I confess I almost had a wobble last week (a rough week when our cat went missing and a close friend died), but I’m ramping up my self-hypnosis to keep the temptation to pick at bay. I’m going abroad for a month next weekend so hopefully I’ll be able to relax a bit and spend time buffing my nails to a high shine. Thanks so much again, Lisa.’ JF, London

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