HypnoBirthing Testimonials

Sukhminder's son Reuben

‘I was most impressed with the enthusiasm and knowledge of our instructor, Lisa Jackson. HypnoBirthing is an excellent tool to prepare you for birth, particularly the breathing techniques, which help you stay in control.’ Sukhminder and David, parents to Reuben

‘Our baby’s birth was a magical, breathtaking and very emotional experience. We’re certain that the course with you has had a positive impact on our son throughout the months that we trained with you. We both felt prepared and calm about the birth and full of confidence that we knew what we were doing. Long story short all is well in the world and we are very happy to be parents of a healthy calm and happy child. You are an absolutely fantastic teacher and you filled us with confidence and belief in ourselves as parents and that we would master anything that happened, which we did. I would be happy to recommend you to anyone and whoever gets to work with you is very lucky.’ EB and CW, Oslo, Norway

‘The newest member of the family arrived on Saturday morning. It was the most amazing birth and I was so thankful for my HypnoBirthing experience as it really helped me so much. After my waters broke I was quickly aware that the midwives were unlikely to get there in time! I really felt like I breathed the baby out this time as I was trying to wait for the midwives but there was no stopping him. Tom caught our baby and the midwives arrived about 10 minutes later. It truly was a pain-free birth, which is why I think I didn’t realise how quickly I was progressing. It’s been so healing to have such a wonderful birth despite the lockdown. And it was such a lovely bonus for it to be just us in the end, it was an amazing experience for my husband to be the one to catch our son.’ Kathryn and Tom, parents to Willis, Maine, US

‘I am very happy to tell you that Emma has finally arrived – she did the French thing and was fashionably late, being born nine days after her due date. The homebirth did not happen following meconium in the water and I had to have a C-section because of the risk of infection. But all went well, everyone at St Helier was superb and despite the slight change of plan all the techniques that I learned were very, very helpful to deal with the surges, so many thanks again for everything.’ Isabel and Christophe, parents to Emma

Danny pic

‘The difference in pain levels when doing the breathing and when not was very noticeable. I seemed so relaxed that the midwife left at about noon saying I’d probably have the baby that evening, but we had to call her 15 minutes later to say the baby was coming. Danny was born eight minutes later! Compared with my other two births, my contractions were much, much less painful. I also didn’t tear as I’d done in both of my previous births.’ Kate, mum to Danny

Caleb pic
‘I can highly recommend HypnoBirthing classes with Lisa. Both my husband and I found the experience a valuable part of the pregnancy and birth of our son Caleb. It was important to us that the birth be as pain- and intervention-free as possible, as well as a positive experience, and HypnoBirthing ticked all the boxes. I was pretty nervous about the labour and birth and found that the relaxation, breathing exercises and positive visualisation helped turn it around so that I actually looked forward to it. Lisa was a highly motivating tutor – she’s passionate about HypnoBirthing and tailored the course to meet our needs. Lisa helped make HypnoBirthing a highly memorable experience that I would recommend to anyone fortunate enough to know about it.’ Maria, mum to Caleb

Caitlin pic
‘From the first, we were struck by Lisa’s warmth and her passion for HypnoBirthing. My husband started the course with little knowledge about birth, babies or hypnotherapy. Lisa answered his endless questions with incredible patience and gave him information which he, the sceptic, was happy with. We learned so much more than relaxation techniques. I found Lisa inspirational at a time in my pregnancy when I was unwell and was feeling discouraged. By the end of our course, I felt that she was part of our lives and I was genuinely sad when we said goodbye.’ Jennifer, mum to Caitlin

India pic

‘Although we didn’t complete the course in time, we think that HypnoBirthing made our birth experience a very special and positive one. Becky had only very minimal tearing and no need for stitches – I think this was because she was patient and listened to her body re when to push… The midwives were very interested in the whole HypnoBirthing experience and said that Becky had had a ‘textbook birth’. HypnoBirthing techniques definitely made a huge difference – and we really enjoyed the classes.’ Paul and Rebecca, parents to India

Ai-lean baby pic

‘HypnoBirthing helped in so many unexpected ways. Internal exams were not a problem, even the membrane sweeps (both usually excruciatingly painful) were also not a problem thanks to relaxation techniques and breathing (and also perineal massage). Once I was in hospital, I just listened to the Rainbow Relaxation CD all the way and it helped me last the 12 hours – without it I think I would have lasted less than one hour. Lastly what I’m most pleased about is when they whipped away my CD player from me for the C-section, I didn’t fall to pieces and was still able to stay in a trance myself the entire time and tolerated the entire procedure with only half the amount of drug that they usually give. Regarding hypnosis in childbirth, I would highly recommend it to all pregnant women as I discovered it gives you the same “far away” feeling as gas and air and pethidine. “Conventional” analgesia is not more effective and hypnosis certainly has less side effects than pethidine.’ Aileen, mum to Aran

‘We also wanted to send you our very warmest regards and thank you for all the effort you put into our HypnoBirthing classes. Although our birth did not go completely to plan, HypnoBirthing helped us keep on top of things to enable us to keep the birth as natural as possible. We felt you as a teacher were enthusiastic and encouraging and particularly wanted to thank you for being available at the end of the phone.’ Lynlea and Gareth, parents to Lucas

Sim's baby Aral

‘… I was transferred to the labour ward and within an hour I was 5cm dilated. By this point my surges were coming thick and fast and I was using gas and air. I was trying to listen to my Rainbow CD as well but unfortunately I couldn’t concentrate very much as I was constantly being monitored in case the baby’s heart rate dropped, so I caved and opted for an epidural. However, as it happens the epidural didn’t work. By the time the anaesthetist came to re-apply the dosage I was fully dilated and it was too late, so in the end I delivered our little boy completely naturally and only utilised gas and air.’ Sim, mum to Aral

‘… Despite this being a far cry from the natural waterbirth we had hoped for, I feel very positive about the choices we made and extremely grateful that medical options were available, as opposed to feeling the process was out of our control. I am struck by the number of women I have since spoken to who have had a labour with unexpected circumstances and feel deeply unhappy with their experience. Most would think me mad to say that I found a 60-hour labour empowering but the preparation and coping techniques learned through HypnoBirthing in no small way contributed to this. Esmé remains calm and collected and, according to the cranial osteopath, remarkably unscathed after her extended delivery. She is a joy and yes, I would do it all again!’ Sue and James, parents to Esmé

Lisa's son James

‘We are happy to say that we had a really great birthing experience. We were able to stay at home for most of the labour and were lucky enough to have a birthing pool and some fantastic midwives for the time we were at the hospital… We went into the birthing pool at 1am and James arrived three hours later. We can honestly say that the HypnoBirthing training really helped us to stay calm and in control: the breathing, the CD and most of all the light touch massage that Ian did so tirelessly for many hours all made the pain manageable.’ Lisa and Ian, parents to James

Renata's son Ilya

‘We are so grateful to you for the HypnoBirthing course – it really worked for us and the birth was just perfect. I lifted Ilya from the water and at the moment I placed him on mum’s chest he looked at me for the first time – it was the most beautiful moment of my life. At about 5.30 Renata asked to try gas and air and this saw her through to the birth, with no other pain relief even thought about. The midwife commented that Renata was smiling between every surge. Ilya was really calm and alert when he entered the world. Renata was happy and relaxed and I was elated. I know I was sceptical when we first met but I am a true convert. I can’t imagine the birth being any better than it was using HypnoBirthing.’ Renata and David, parents to Ilya

‘Lisa’s presentation of the HypnoBirthing coursework was both thorough and enjoyable – she put so much energy and research into making it entirely beneficial and rewarding for both of us. The course is filled with great tools and techniques for relying on Mother Nature’s most instinctive and powerful resources in childbirth – we have no hesitation in recommending both HypnoBirthing and Lisa.’ Sarah & Chris, parents to Molly May

Ewelina's daughter Monika

‘Although not everything worked as planned, I still think the HypnoBirthing course made a huge difference – I was not scared, I was looking forward to giving birth, and when it started, felt in control.’ Ewelina and Amechi, parents to Monika

anna's son Simon

‘My labour was quite long but by using HypnoBirthing breathing techniques it was still an enjoyable and unforgettable experience. I stayed very relaxed and focused during the whole process. When I say now my birth took 47 hours I always add “but it was very bearable”. Our baby is very contented and easy to be around. Who knows, maybe it is due to the fact that we felt so relaxed about the birth and practised relaxation techniques every evening? I was most impressed with how HypnoBirthing influenced my husband – he was not scared of being my birth partner any more.’ Anna and Pete, parents to Simon

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