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‘Lisa kept the classes fun, informative and interesting and we would recommend Hypnobirthing to anyone who wants a calm and panic-free labour. I also found it invaluable in alleviating the fearful thoughts of the impending labour as our first birth experience was pretty appalling. My labour was relaxed pretty much throughout, I didn’t tear and the relaxation and breathing techniques made me feel in control and gave me something to focus on. We wouldn’t change a thing about the whole labour and birth experience we had and I don’t think many people can say that about their birth experiences!’ Jackie and Peter, parents to Ceira

‘We had a very fast birth, so fast in fact that we did not have time to get to the hospital. We called but they said it was too early, 30 minutes later out Emilia popped. We called for an ambulance but it did not arrive in time so it was down to Dominic to deliver Emilia, but by then all the hard work had been done by Aurelija, Dominic literally just had to catch Emilia as she popped out – lucky he was good at cricket! We both feel that the Hypnobirthing course was very useful, it gave us a lot of confidence, and we would recommend it to others.’ Dominic and Aurelija, parents to Emilia

‘I think Hypnobirthing is fantastic. It really gave me a different outlook on birthing (Frazer, who weighed 8lb 12oz, is our second son) and I felt prepared and positive.’ Nicola and Nigel, parents to Frazer

‘I regularly listened to the Rainbow Relaxation CD during pregnancy and would encourage you to say to other mums if nothing else this really helps you relax and prepare as I found that on the evenings that I just listened to Rainbow I slept much deeper and better, which was brilliant. We all enjoyed the calm natural birth and the birth centre and the midwife we had was brilliant.’ Claire and Sam, parents to Oliver

‘We’ve been telling everyone about our amazing experience. Even the midwife asked some of her colleagues to come in once everything was over to meet the couple who had had such a “chilled out” delivery! You were quite right when you said they might not believe I was in labour. I was advised at around 8.30am that as I so obviously wasn’t in “proper labour” I should come back the following day and they’d start me off. I knew my baby was ready to appear and two hours later, we were cuddling her!’ Lizzie and Brian, parents to Astrid

‘Gave birth to Sophie today! All at home, and NO DRUGS!! Completely natural and it felt amazing! When the pressure became very intense I did mutter to my doula Natalie that I might like to try some gas and air, but she distracted me brilliantly and I focused back on dealing with each surge. I kept visualising the blue satin ribbons and rose petals unfolding while repeating ‘Totally loose, totally limp’ and ‘I approach the birth of my baby with confidence, baby is coming to me’. My doula said she had never seen anyone so calm. Then my body seemed to go completely still for a few minutes and within three to four huge surges Sophie was born. After a bath I sat on the couch and had tea and toast. The sun was shining brightly, what a perfect day!’ Suzy and Steve, parents to Sophie
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‘Despite starting our Hypnobirthing classes late at 37 weeks, the daily practice enabled us both to enter a deep state of relaxation, and in the latter stages of labour helped me to ride the discomfort with relative ease. When Scarlett was born, our midwife told me that she felt privileged to be a part of our experience and asked if she could come to our next birth. Thank you, Lisa, for providing us with the opportunity to fully experience the birth of our daughter in such a positive manner. Two months ago I was preparing myself for a hospital birth with possible interventions because I lacked the confidence and knowledge that Hypnobirthing gave me. In the end I let my body and baby take control, concentrating on the positives of giving birth and looking forward to meeting my baby for the first time. Scarlett Rose is a very chilled little girl and we are very proud parents.’ Jo and Niall, parents to Scarlett

‘We had our baby in the birth centre and had the water birth I was planning. I have to be happy because I was able to give birth without any pain relief at all – no gas and air, no TENS machine, no epidural. All the way through each stage was quite manageable – intense at times, but not out of control. Had I not done the Hypnobirthing class I would probably not have had the confidence to have my baby in a birth centre in water, naturally without drugs. Thank you, Lisa, for your sincere passion and instruction which put us on the right track.’ Lynda and Matthew, parents to Daniel

‘I’d been worried about how Lesley would cope, and she’d been concerned about her pain threshold. In the end she coped magnificently, and I am still amazed at her drug-free, natural birth with no intervention. We didn’t use the Hypnobirthing scripts we’d learnt, or the birthing pool, but I knew they were there and it helped me to remain calm. From Lesley’s point of view the breathing was the key, along with using visualisations to move things along… I will always remember the wonderful way our lovely Ellie arrived into the world, breathing and crying straight away – I was so relieved Lesley had done it. The birth was 9 hours 18 minutes from start to finish and Ellie was 7lb 7oz. Lesley felt exhausted but exhilarated, grateful for the wonderful experience the three of us had shared.’ Paul and Lesley, parents to Ellie

‘Baby Theo arrived on 31 October and life since then has been a whirlwind – an exciting and fun one at that! We had the most natural birth I could have hoped for. The pre-labour warm-ups started on Friday 30th in the evening. We left for St Thomas’ at 7:30am on the Saturday and I was holding Theo at 20:17pm that evening. I was in the birthing pool for about five hours and then had gas and air in the last couple of hours. Simon remembered to read the script and play the hypnosis tracks – I really believe that all the breathing exercises kept us both calm. In fact, I managed to sleep through and between most surges.’ Ann and Simon, parents to Theo

THE DAD’S VIEW: ‘I think there are three key benefits that we got out of the process. Firstly, the deep relaxation techniques that we learnt and practised gave Kate a great tool not so much to control the pain she felt but to control her reaction to it. There was no panic and no fear throughout the birth. Even when we thought that our chance of a home birth had gone again Kate managed to remain focused and positive. Secondly, the Hypnobirthing approach gave us positive things to try throughout the labour. This was important psychologically especially when things weren’t going to plan. Finally, attending the course and doing the practice together meant that I was totally involved. It gave me the confidence to know what I could do to help and when.’

THE MUM’S VIEW: ‘On Saturday morning I was sat in bed reading the newspaper with Martha asleep in the Moses basket instead of being in hospital. We had the amazing home birth that we had hoped for and a lot of it was due to three fantastic ladies – our yoga teacher, Lisa and our midwife. Without yoga, Hypnobirthing and a calm, supportive midwife I am sure it would have been a different experience.’ Kate and Duncan, parents to Martha

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