Hypnosis for Confidence


A lack of confidence can hold you back from going after what you really want in life, from that dream job to that ideal partner. Through hypnotherapy you’ll uncover the roots of your lack of confidence, then learn powerful confidence-boosting techniques, such as visualisation and anchoring, that will help you banish negative self-talk and allow the confident you to shine through.

In an article in The Times, Dr Nick Baylis wrote that self-hypnosis can build confidence and develop optimism. He asserted that ‘self-hypnosis can provide a low-cost, low-risk virtual training environment in which to practise our skills in preventing and relieving stress and anxiety; build the confidence for public speaking and presentations; develop our optimism and overcome our inertia.’

‘I originally went to see Lisa to try to improve my punctuality. However, after only a couple of sessions it became obvious that my failure to be punctual was just a symptom of a lack of confidence. Once Lisa had helped me feel better about myself, the lateness problem simply went away by itself. Since seeing Lisa for the first time six months ago, my life has changed beyond recognition. I’m doing well at my studies with the Open University and am going on a week’s residential school this summer, which I’ve been avoiding for years. Hypnotherapy is a wonderful tool and Lisa Jackson is a master craftsman. I simply cannot thank her enough for what she has helped me to achieve.’ SL, Peckham

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