Doulas are women who offer support to pregnant women before, during and after giving birth. The term ‘doula’ is pronounced ‘doola’ and comes from a Greek word meaning ‘female caregiver’. Having a doula when giving birth can significantly reduce the possibility of you needing to have a Caesarean (in a 2004 study, only 10% of doula-attended births ended in a C-section, compared with the 24% UK national average), having an epidural (15% compared with the 33% national average) or instrumental delivery (7% compared with the 11% national average).

The following doulas are members of Doula UK and have all attended my HypnoBirthing Information Evening and so are able to support parents who wish to have a HypnoBirth.

MAGGIE VAUGHAN has been a birth and postnatal doula since 1999, and has supported many mums who’ve used hypnotherapy techniques during birth. She covers central, west and south London. Maggie is also able to offer a placenta encapsulation service. For more information, visit www.alacartedoula.co.uk, call 07752 186167 or email maggie@alacartedoula.co.uk.

VICTORIA GREENLY is a Wimbledon-based birth and postnatal doula. With qualifications as a breastfeeding counsellor, she is able to offer breastfeeding support visits at your home. For more information, visit Doula UK, email her at victoria.greenly@btinternet.com or call 07802 976432.

SOPHIE BRIGSTOCKE is a birth and postnatal doula, breastfeeding supporter and baby massage teacher based in Clapham. She runs Nurturing Birth, facilitating doula training across the UK and beyond, and the Nurturing Birth Directory where parents can find support during pregnancy, birth and the early postnatal period. Sophie also offers one-to-one sessions for couples ante-natally helping to empower, inform and nurture women and partners as they prepare for birth and parenthood. Sophie was awarded Doula of the Year at the 2017 MaMa Conference in Scotland. For more information, visit www.sophiebrigstocke.com.

KATHLEEN BEEGAN is a birth doula who also offers breastfeeding support and is based in Streatham, south London. She is a member of Doula UK and is also a pregnancy yoga teacher and registered Shiatsu therapist. For more information, visit www.kathleensyoga.co.uk, call 020 8769 3613 or 07753 700435, or email kathleenbeegan@hotmail.com.

Lea Ouai 07847 009170
Siobhan Pearce www.siobhanpearce.com
Indira Lopez-Bassols www.indirayoga.com
Melanie Williams melanie@doulacompanion.co.uk; 07949 608579

Doula UK provides a list of accredited and registered doulas.


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