Osteopaths treat a variety of conditions, including changes to posture during pregnancy, babies with colic or sleeplessness, repetitive strain injury, postural problems and sports injuries.

MARK BOLTON graduated from the Surrey Institute Of Osteopathic Medicine and practises at The Osteopathic Clinic Of Physical Medicine in Addiscombe and Warlingham, a centre of osteopathic excellence that specialises in treating sports injuries (a number of professional athletes are patients), acute and chronic back problems, pre- and post-natal care and cranial osteopathic treatment for babies. While studying for his two-year Masters in Paediatric Osteopathy, Mark worked at Barnet Hospital neonatal intensive-care ward. Treatment involves applying gentle pressure to the baby's head and back to realign the spine and cranial bones and to release the stresses and strains incurred at birth. To book an appointment, call 07879 436661 or visit www.markboltonosteopath.com.

RONA JONES graduated from the British College Of Osteopathic Medicine in 2005 with First Class Honours and has undertaken postgraduate courses in cranial osteopathy. Rona runs her own clinic in Wimborne, Dorset. To book an appointment, call 01202 888439 or visit www.wimborne-osteopath.co.uk.


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